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Journal Papers and Book Chapters


Invited Talks

  • Alergic Talk, 19 Oct 2016, University of Sussex, Sensorimotor Direct Realism: How We Enact Our World (Invited Talk)
  • FEEL Workshop, 31 May 2016, Université Paris Decartes, Sensorimotor Direct Realism: How We Enact Our World (Invited Talk)
  • John Searle Lectures, 17-19 May 2016, University of Bochum, Sensorimotor Direct Realism: How We Enact Our World (Invited Talk)
  • COGS Seminar, 18 February 2014, University of Sussex, Linking Perception and Understanding (Invited Talk)
  • 5th Meeting of Prof. Thomas Metzinger’s Mainzer Nachwuchsgruppe “Philosophie Des Geistes”, on Metacognition, October 20-22 2005, Conscious Experience as the Exercise of Grounded Concepts (Invited Talk)

Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations

  • ASSC 17, 12-15 July 2013, San Diego, California, Towards a Scientifically Tractable, Direct Realist, Sensorimotor Account of Experience (Talk)
  • ReteCog II Workshop, 17-18 January 2013, University of Zaragoza, Spain, Embodied Action and Neurophenomenology (Talk)
  • CEP 2012 Conference on Neurophenomenology, 15-16 September 2012, University of Bristol, UK, Embodied Action and Neurophenomenology (Talk)
  • Froese, T., Ikegami, T. and Beaton, M. (2012) The Ninth International Conference on the Evolution of Language (EvoLang IX), 13-16 March 2012, Kyoto, Japan, Non-Human Primates Cannot Decontextualize and Objectify the Actions of their Specifics (Talk)
  • Aleksander, I. and Beaton M. (2011) AISB'11, 4-7 April 2011, University of York, UK, World-Related Integrated Information: Enactivist and Phenomenal Perspectives (Talk)
  • ASSC 13, 5-8 June 2009, Berlin, Germany, Qualia and Introspection (Talk)
  • Second European Summer School on Consciousness: Consciousness and Action, 4-6 June 2007, Cargèse, Corsica, France, Functional-Homuncular Explanation (Poster)
  • CEP 10, 15-17 September 2006, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, The Boundaries of the Conceptual (Talk)
  • ASSC 10, 23-26 June 2006, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, Animal Consciousness (Talk)
  • ASSC 9 Satellite Meeting: Problems of Space and Time in Perception and Action, 28 June 2005, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, Filling-in the Perceived Void in the Flash-Lag Effect, Beaton, M., Watanabe, K. and Nijhawan, R. (Poster)
  • ASSC 9, 24-27 June 2005, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, Conscious Experience as Sensorimotor Conceptual Grounding (Poster)
  • CEP 8, 17-19 September 2004, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, The Self as Thinly Veiled Confabulation (Talk)
  • European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP), 22-26 August 2004, Budapest, Hungary, Grayer than Gray: Achromatic Contrast of Perceptually Lagging Flashed Object is Preserved, Beaton, M., Nijhawan, R. and Khurana, B. (Poster)
  • SPP/ESPP, 3-6 July 2004, Barcelona, Spain, A New Psychophysical Model of the Flash-Lag Effect, Michael Beaton and Romi Nijhawan (Talk)
  • ASSC 8, 26-28 June 2004, Antwerp, Belgium, A Proposal for a Modification to the Higher Order Thought Theory of Consciousness (Poster)
  • Toward a Science of Consciousness, 7-11 April 2004, Tucson, AZ, What RoboDennett Still Doesn’t Know (Poster/Talk, awarded Best Student Paper)
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